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Hosted Auto Dialers

Simple to Use Dialer
Easy to get started and deploy, simply upload your contact file, record a message and press play.

T-max has 3 different Dialers to choose from: Predictive Dialer, Voice Broadcast Dialer, Inbound/Outbound Blend. Which is Hassle free, super flexible and fully customizable.
Customer Support
If you ever need help, we will be there for you. We offer Phone Support, Live Chat, Email and an online Knowledgebase.
Speed and Scalability
Our new HTML5 Interface is extremely fast. We are hosted so we will easily grow with your company, growth is as easy as a phone call away.

Cell phone filter/scrub
Block calling cell phones and ported numbers automatically. (Must call our office to activate)

Customizable Features Include
Caller ID, Agent Scripts, Dispositions, Data Fields, Call Recording, Agent and Dialer reports, Inbound/Outbound Blend and more.

Try Before you Buy (Instant Setup & Access to free trial account)

Predictive Dialer

Voice Broadcast

T-max Dialer is a leader in the dialer service industry.  Our team of hand picked experienced support and technical advisers, will make your job easy.

Choice of Dialers

Predictive, Voice Broadcast & Inbound Blend
Predictive Dialer our attended dialer is great for sales and collections by allowing every live party that answers the phone to be connected to your representative. This generates a massive amount of live contacts. The Predictive Hosted Auto Dialer is like manually dialing on steroids.

Voice Broadcast: The T-Max Voice Broadcast Hosted Auto Dialer is great for appointment reminders for doctors, spas and other offices, as well as political campaigns and charities. This dialer is perfect for anyone wanting to quickly leave pre-recorded info on a massive number of voicemails or contacts




More than just words

Let our clients convince you

Easy to use

Web-Based/Hosted Auto Dialer

Live Transfer

Send an Instant E-Mail

sip phone/asterisks pbx/Google talk compatible

Dedicated support & community

Call multiple phone numbers per contact

Agent Coaching

3-Way Calling

Adjustable Caller ID Phone Number

Real Time Admin dial rate control

Salesforce dialer integration

Agent Monitoring

Agent Eavesdropping

Send an Instant Fax

Inbound/Outbound Blend

Agent and Dialer reports

Dialing Campaign Strategies Consultations

Getting started with a T-Max Hosted Auto Dialer is easy and our customer service center will help you every step of the way. Our dialers are easy to get setup, just upload your contacts spreadsheet, record a message and press play.

With T-Max your company has a wide variety of easy to use auto dialers, attended dialer, hosted dialers and dialer systems at your disposal.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

With the Predictive Dialer, it is great for collections, call centers, telemarketing, marketing, non-profit, charities, politicians, mortgage, debt recovery, insurance and sales. You can have your agents on the phone with a contact within 30 seconds using a much more efficient dialing method than other dialers widely used. Our dialers will make your 5-10 agent operation perform like a 20-40 agent operation for a fraction of the cost of hiring all those extra agents.

What is a Voice Broadcast Dialer?

The Voice Broadcast Dialer is used by uploading your opt in leads, recording a press 1 message, then a voice message recording, and pressing play.

The Voice Broadcast is also great for emergency alert messages, charities and schools.  Sending  informing of school closings and new events is made easy. The Voice Broadcast it is great for spas, doctor’s offices and appointment reminders.

Improve Business efficiency with Hosted Auto Dialer

Companies today are focusing more of their resources on productivity and efficiency. Trying to do more without hiring additional staff is a key differentiator between companies that are doing well and those, well, those that aren’t.

The predictive dialer offered by T-Max is a tool that dramatically improves the efficiency and productivity of any company that makes phone calls. Our dialer is a scalable tool that drives up results and drives down costs. Customer service and call centers can handle a larger volume of telephone calls without having to hire more staff.

Our solution is simple to use and integrates with nearly all CRM, collections, or sales software, or any software that exports data into a CSV file. Our solution also integrates with just about every type of telephone system available. Calls can be recorded for compliance, training, or quality assurance purposes, as well. The system also allows for real-time monitoring of calls, allowing supervisors and managers to coach agents or, when necessary, take over calls.


How is Hosted Auto Dialer so Easy?

Perhaps not surprisingly, given how easy the T-Max dialer integrates with so many other aspects of your business, it is very easy to use. Training takes just a few minutes and agents can be up and running. Call center agents can be assigned up to five calls at once, and when an individual answers a call, their account information immediately pops up on the agent’s screen. When the call is completed, the agent enters in the notes and other pertinent information from the call, and the T-Max system automatically dials the next round of phone numbers.

The numbers that are loaded into the dialer are completely editable, allowing you to scrub out cell phone numbers or remove all numbers from certain area codes, if needed. The dialer can also be set to be active only during certain time periods. When active, the system will confirm a number is in an area code where it is acceptable to call before adding it into the queue.

Customers can even build custom scripts, database fields, and disposition options. Customers can also adjust the caller ID used when placing outbound calls, the speed at which the system places calls, and restrict the network IPs that are allowed to log into the system.

The T-Max system can even be configured to manage inbound calls as well as place outbound calls. Inbound calls that are received are handled just the same as an outbound call that is connected with an individual. The system will allow you to create pre-recorded messages that can be played when leaving voicemails or a message on an answering machine.

Technology can be a competitive differentiator in any industry. It can give companies the opportunity to do more without spending more. At a time when many industries are being commoditized, the right technology choices allow companies to stand out in a crowd. And, often, the right technology stands out, too. Check us out today and take advantage of our free trial offer.

Who Uses our Hosted Auto Dialer?

We have many republican, democrat, and libertarian politicians using the dialer for their political campaigns because of the low cost and ease of use. Another big user of our dialer is non profit and charitable organizations using the dialer to ask for donations and announcing coming events. Our dialer is widely used by mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, medical clinics, hospitals, roofing companies, car dealerships, telemarketing companies, sales companies, collection companies because our dialer get quick results.  Some of the newer industries using our system are Solar Energy (Solar Panels), Car Warranty, Business Loan, Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines and SEO marketing companies because they realize the importance of staying in communication with their clients. We are compatible with many CRM’s including Insightly CRM, Bitrix 24, surgarCRM, Zoho, dyl, netsuite and Act Sage CRM. We have now integrated with sales force making our dialer seamless with the salesforce CRM platform. Ask anyone who has used our dialers they are the best dialers on the market today. If your companies salestechnologies is running out of mojo getting a hosted auto dialer that can globalconnect you to leads instead of having to chase them. It will make your insidesales department go from a lame dolphin to a spitfire sales company by making your agent into a phone burner.  Remember a Hosted Auto Dialer can efficiently target your specific geographical regions and maximize delivery of political calls to every live person in your district or leave a voice mail on there answering machine.

This dialing platform is the best interactive intelligence call center software on the market for telemarketing sales marketing and telecommunication companies.

If you are looking for a dialer that will keep you incontact with your clients and is compatible with your payday loan software, mortgage software, rent to own software, installment loan software or pawn shop software then you came to the right place. Our software will work with infinityels, PowerCheck, AutoPal, ECashSoftware, Cashtrax, QuickDrawSoftware, Introxl, ECheckTrac, Quick Books, Nortridge, fssusa, RentalTrax, five9, PawnMaster and any other software able to exprort a CSV file. Just export the clients that aren’t paying you or need a reminder and press play.

No Fees      No Contracts      No Surprise       No Worries