Apr 20th We Updated your on hold Music with live streams

We updated your on hold music with live streams.......now you will not have to listen to continues loop of music....it will let you listen to a much larger selection of songs....enjoy.

to change your station go to settings and click the link that says setup music on hold...just choose and save.

Mar 1st Free tool to remove duplicate phone numbers from a csv file

Do you need to remove duplicate phone numbers from each row in spreadsheet or a CSV file, then download our free duplicate phone number remover tool. Many call centers and collection agencies receive lists of accounts to import and have no way to remove the duplicate numbers in the file and end up calling those numbers by acceded and human ... Read More »

Oct 6th Cell phone scrub and filtering

  As compliance has become huge topic for the past several years, T-MAX clients can rest easy in the that they will be utilizing the best compliance tools in the industry. T-MAX utilizes a robust two stage security in filtering cell phones and letting our clients take the proper action with numbers that are cell phones with filtering using ... Read More »

Aug 24th Restrict area codes............

 Does your business wish to avoid calling certain areas?  Use our Area Code Restriction Service to block calling area codes you wish to avoid.  Order our service and we will do the rest.   Restricts by Area Code   Turn off the ability to call any area code     Compliance   Help ... Read More »

Aug 10th Restrict where your employees can access the dialer.

If you would like to restrict the network and location of where your staff can login and use the dialer, then you need to add the location lock service to your account. To do this, give us all of the IP Addresses for the locations you wish to grant access to use your dialer. We will charge you a 1 time setup fee of $30….if ... Read More »

Jul 28th Check out our T-Max SIP Phone! Replace your X-Lite or Zoiper.

We would like you to try out our T-Max SIP Phone if you haven't already. There are many benefits to using our SIP Phone rather then one from another provider. Works seamlessly with our dialer Very lightweight and easy on resources Just click on the campaign and the SIP Phone automatically connects you to the dialer (no more hitting ... Read More »

Mar 25th How to use Dialer on Android and Mobile

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.browser.flashfox If you are looking for a way to use or activate a campaign from your Android or Mobile device this could be the solution for you. Just Install and go. Description ONLY BROWSER WITH NATIVE FLASH SUPPORT ON 4.4+ KITKAT #1 browser to experience the full web with Adobe ... Read More »

Dec 24th Are some of the phone numbers in your CSV file not uploading?

What to do if NOT all of your phone numbers in a CSV file are uploading. Try re-saving the CSV file then upload it to a new campaign and see if this fixes the issue Make sure you have the correct boxes checked when uploading your CSV file to the campaign. Make sure (NOT) to check Prevent duplicate numbers against all contact ... Read More »

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