2nd row of buttons on Contact View Get contact, Hangup, Play message,Record, Transfer, 3-way, Send E-mail, Previous, Next

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Disposition bar, Custom, Schedule call back, Made Contact, Unable to Contact and Assign To

Custom: Are able to be modified to read what fits your companies needs and are adjusted in the...

1st Row of Contact View: Manual Dial, Direct Dial, Power Dial, 1st person, 2nd person, Book, Blue page, recycle, add a contact

MANUAL DIAL: The manual Dial button will allow you to make a single Manual Call from the...

3rd Row of the Contact View, Blue Scroll, Pop up script box, Upon disposition and load next call box

BLUE SCROLL:  Pops up a script automatically if the admin configured it in the Agent settings...

lead/account info pop up area

If you are using uploadng leads to our system one time and not uploading the same leads...

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