2. Voice Broadcast setup manual- Step by Step.

Quick Setup - Voice Broadcast

If you just signed up for the Voice Broadcast trial, Please contact our office to schedule a demo to receive your 400 FREE minutes! If you are comfortable using the dialer, continue to the steps below as a guide.


Log in to the Voice Broadcasting System using the information that was provided by our support team. Here is what you will see on the following screen.




This screen contains all the information that is related to your campaign. You are able to
see your account balance, create Voice Broadcast’s and see useful help information.

To get started Click Create Voice Broadcast that will bring up the screen below.




If this is your first Voice Broadcast Name the Campaign “Master – Do Not Delete” input your information into all the fields and then Click Add PhoneCast Now that you have set and saved your “Master - DO NOT DELETE” campaign, Now you can use that campaign to automatically fill out the information in future campaign’s Just change the name from “Copy of Master Do Not Delete” Then click Add PhoneCast.


Name and Description:

This is used to name your Voice Broadcast campaign and describe what you are calling in this campaign. “We recommend placing a date and description in this field”

Caller ID Name and Number:

This is the CID information that will be used on the outbound
calls generated by the system. Please use real phone numbers.
"Using an invalid CID is not permitted by Law"
Never call before and never call after:

These options allow you to specify what time a phone number can start to be called in that phone numbers time zone
and stop calling in that phone numbers time zone.
Transfer Back Numbers:

When running a voice broadcast you can give the recipient the option to be transfer back to your office.  
So, you will need to input the phone number you want us to transfer the caller to and a backup number. (If you don't have two put the same number in twice)
*** (This cannot be a toll free number of any kind because our system uses time zone identification to place the call) ***
Dial rate:

This Is the number of calls that you want to dial per hour. You can change this number any time by clicking the up or down arrow on the campaign while the system is running to control or by editing the properties of the campaign.
Use AMD:

This is our Answering Machine Detection System, this is going to tell the dialer if a live person in on the line or if its a voicemail and the dialer will play the appropriate message.

Leave a Message:

If you want to leave a separate message on the answering machine then check this button.  The system will detect between a live person and answering machine. The detection takes
around 1-2 seconds and due to the way the technology is implemented there may
be some occasions where detection is not successful. Our system does have one of the
best detection rates in the Industry, however you should be aware that this is
not going to be 100% accurate at all times
Wait For Silence: 

When this is checked, the dialer will wait for the person or voicemail to stop talking before it plays the message.
Xfer on Other DTMF’s:

When this is checked this will allow the person on the phone to hit any key on their telephone keypad and still be transferred to someone.
                                  “Make sure you don’t have the DNC Key or Leave a Message key defined.” 

Record Transfers:

This will Record the calls when the person hits a key to be transferred to an agent. 

VM on Transfer Fail:

If for some reason the call fails to transfer to your phone system, this will allow the person on the phone to leave you a voicemail that you can retrieve on the dialer. If you leave this unchecked and no one answers the transferred call then the transfered call will go to your in office or personal voicemail so the receiptent can leave a message for a call back when you are available.
Transfer Key:

Set this to the number you have in your message to transfer the call back to you.

DNC Key (Do Not Call List):

If you have an option in your message for the caller to be removed from your calling list, then choose the key you have specified in the recording. (If you do not want to use this place a - sign in the box)

Leave a Message key:

This is set to the number you have in your message to allow the consumer to leave you a message.
(This message is stored on our system) * We only save these for 2 weeks. If you want to save them for longer then you will need to download them from our server.
If you delete the campaign the recordings are also deleted and cannot be retrieved.
(If you do not want to use select - minus sign)
Uploading Contacts:

 You campaign requires a list of contacts that will be called. This data is stored in a
contacts file which is uploaded to the system. This file needs to be in a .csv
(Comma Separated Values) format and must contain at least one field that
contains the telephone numbers. This file must have a HEADER ROW.
To upload:

 your file to the system, click the add or recycle contacts button in the new campaign.

Select by uploading a .csv file
and hit go.


Next Select the Find CSV
Go find your file that you want to upload.
The file will appear in the .csv file contents box. Now hit the auto assign button on the right side of the page. This will move the fields in the box
to the right, up to the columns that match the headers on the .csv file. Now move any additional words change from the Available Fields to the correct column in your .csv file.
You want to move the * Phone * to the first column of phone numbers that you want to call.

Uploading a message to broadcast:
To upload the message that will be used for the campaign, click on the Add or Upload Message button (the little speaker) on the campaign. Now you need to create a sound file if you don’t already have one created. Click the Add a sound file (in blue at the bottom) 

Name your recording and put in a description. Generally you will need 2 recordings. One recording will be for the Voicemail message that will be left when an answering machine is detected and the other message is your Broadcast message which is what the caller will hear to press a key to be transferred to your office.

You have 2 options Upload a wave file or Record over the phone

Up-load a wave file:

Browse your computer and find the wave sound file you want to upload and click ok.
To upload to the system click ADD Sound

Once you have uploaded all your messages, you will need to select what message you want to play for your Voice Broadcast (Broadcast) and (Voicemail).

Next, Click “Set as broadcast message” on the message you want live callers to hear. You should see the message indicating that the file you have uploaded is the current broadcast selection on the right side. Now click “Set as Voicemail Message” on the recording you want to play on voicemail’s. If you are using the same message for your Broadcast and Voicemail message you can select both options on the same recording.

Once you have selected your messages click the Copy Sound Files to Voice Broadcast button.


Sending a test call:

We recommend that you use the send test call feature to test the campaign configured to see if it produces the expected results. You must use a phone number that doesn’t have an IVR “Ex: Cell Phone, Home phone, etc.” This feature allows a single call to be
made to a specified number. You should not proceed to the next step of running
a full broadcast if you have not tested your configuration.
           "Doing so may be expensive for you."
Running your Broadcast:

To the right of the campaign name, you should have a check mark showing your campaign is ready to be played. If you have a yellow triangle your campaign is not ready.  Put your mouse over the triangle to see what needs to be done.

Your Voice Broadcast Dialer is now configured, and the Voice Broadcast Campaign can be started by clicking the "PLAY" button Activate Voice Broadcast.
To stop the campaign Click the Pause/Stop button next to the Play/Activate button. You must hit the PAUSE button to stop the campaign do not rely on logging out or even shutting down your computer. We are a cloud based dialer and your must PAUSE the dialer to stop it.



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