How do I change my phone to sip phone?


Please download the T-Max Phone from your dialer dashboard. This will be located at the top right hand corner.

2. Go to the Settings tab on your dialer
3. Change the connection method for each collector.
4. Now open the T-Max Phone on their computer and click soft phone and Accounts settings.
5. Put the domain from the dialer in the domain on the T-Max Phone.

6.  Put the Username from the dialer in the Username on the T-Max Phone.
7. Put the password from the dialer in password on the T-Max Phone.
9. Have the agent log out and back in and now they should be ready to go. Click on the campaign and answer the T-Max Phone

Also, you may need to change the preferences on the T-Max Phone to the Head set you are using.

a. Just go to menu on your T-Max Soft phone
b. Click settings
c. Scroll down on the ring device if you are using a usb port headset and choose the correct headset.
d. If you are using a two-prong headset, scroll down on the speaker and also the microphone and choose the correct headset.

If you are using Ring Central you must change the and pull down the men under port settings and changed it to TCP.

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