Adding Remote Viewing to your Agent Monitoring!

Adding Remote Viewing to your Agent Monitoring

Now you can SEE, HEAR, AND SPEAK to your agents. To see your agent’s desktop, you will need to Have Tight VNC installed on your agent’s machines. Go to and download the "Self-installing package for Windows " We do not provide support for configuring Tight VNC (make sure you understand how VNC works and how to keep your network secure). After installing and configuring, you can go to each agent "edit properties pencil" and add the following support Url: (replace the x's with the correct numbers from the IP of your agents computer. To find there IP you can go to command prompt and type ipconfig. After entering the IP and saving, you will need to log out and back in to the dialer to see the new button. Other Compatible VNC programs are Real VNC, Standard VNC, UltraVNC and there are many others. You can then go to the agent Monitor Tab and see the monitor for each agent.  Here is a download link to the latest version of Java that supports viewing VIA the web browser. Download Java Here

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