How do I setup a Predictive Campaign?

Creating a Campaign:

1. Login to your PD server
3. Click on CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN button.
4. Name campaign.
5. Put a brief description in.
6. Put the name of your company in the caller ID.
7. Put your phone number into Caller ID number field.
8. Check the limit callings hours box.
9. Put what time you wish to never call before and never call after (Based on area code of person being called).
10. Dial Rate Override is the speed of the dialer and should generally be set to 3. You may speed up to 5 or slow down to 1 based upon your companies needs. We also have an auto setting that will watch how many calls are being dropped and answered and will adjust accordingly.  The inbound dial rate setting is used during an inbound blend. Please call for details in regards to our inbound blend features.
11. Wait for Agent is how long the person called will be put on hold, if all your agents are busy, 60 seconds is Maximum.
12. Use AMD is our Answering Machine Detection system. Please Check this Box. This system is designed to give you live contacts. Checking this box will allow 75% or more of answering machines to be dropped so your agents can focus on live party contacts, not voice-mails.
13. Record all will record all calls. (They will be stored for up to 2-weeks or your delete the campaign, WHICH EVER COMES FIRST)
14. Click to add Campaign.
15. Click on little speaker to Add or Update Message (This is for the abandon message, this is played when a caller is put on hold because agents are busy. The message should tell the consumer to hold for next available agent).
16. Record your message over the phone or upload a file from your computer. (must be in .wav format)
17. Next set sound file as abandon Message.
17. Then click the COPY SOUND FILES to Campaign.
18. Click on the upload contacts icon, it looks like a little group of people.
19. Click go.
20. Then click find .csv file, locate your csv file and click to open.
21. Next click the AUTO ASSIGN button and it will match up your .csv file columns with your database fields, the ones that do not match will need to be dragged and dropped manually. (Like playing solitaire) to the correct column.
22. Place the *Phone* in the phone column, if more than one column of phone numbers appears, drag and drop Phone2, Phone3, and so forth into each phone number column.
23. Randomize takes the .csv file and mixes the order up so it will not be in the same order each time.
24. Prevent Duplicate Numbers in File looks at the .csv file and makes sure there are no duplicate numbers in that file so you only call one number one time.
25. Prevent Duplicate Phone Numbers Against All Contact Records - will look at the .csv file and make sure there are no duplicate numbers on the dialer anywhere. (All campaigns and scheduled call backs) Not typically use by collection companies.
26. Prevent Duplicate Phone Numbers in Campaign -will check the campaign you are trying to upload more contacts into and make sure one number is not being more than one time.
27. Scrub Against Our Do-Not-Call List -  We don’t provide a do not call list so leave it unchecked unless you wish to create your own. Feel free to add numbers you do not want to call to the do not call list. Once you put a number in the do not call list it CAN NOT be removed.
28. Click I am allowed to call these Contacts and then click Upload.
29. Your campaign is ready to be dialed.
 Tell your Agents to log on and give them the name of the Campaign you wish for them to work and Dial and Smile.

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