Manage Do Not Call list DNC Predictive Dialer.

First, open the Excel file that contains your numbers you want to add to your DO NOT CALL list. Box 1A will need to have the header labeled "Phone." If it is not labeled exactly as you see in the picture below it will not load the numbers in the file. Now save the file as a CSV (MS-DOS) Now choose the CSV file and hit Upload. You will receive a report similar to the report you receive when loading campaigns giving you the details of the numbers added to the DO NOT CALL list.  

If you would like to add individual   Go to the Admin Tab and click on Manage Do Not Call list. Now paste the numbers into the "Add to DNC Manually, one line at a time" field and choose Add to DNC.

Add to DNC

Once you have clicked Add to DNC, you have successfully added numbers to your Do Not Call list. Once the task has completed you will get an e-mail verification. DO NOT try to load contacts or recycle contacts that you just to the list until you have recieved the e-mail stating that the list has been updated, and please keep in mind that once a number is in your DNC list, it cannot be removed.

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