Astrisks, TrixBOX or FreePBX!

Instead of using a SIP phone our dialer will call your agents extension with this method.

1. Go to the ADMIN TAB
2. Click on the EDIT CONNECTION METHOD BUTTON for the agent you wish to change.
3. Change to SIP Address (PBX) and enter the following sip string for your information: YourAgentsPhoneExtension@YourPBXsIPaddress:5060
4. You may need to add a trunk named T-Max to your PBX and add the following peer settings and save:
Host=Our.Dialer.Domain.IP (you will need to check your dialer sip connection method to find our domain for this.


"We do not provide support for Astrisks, TrixBOX or FreePBX please contact them for support"


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