How do i set up X-Lite ( xlite ) SIP Phone?

1.       Please download X-Lite or whatever sip phone you choose to each of your agent's computers.

2.       Go to the ADMIN tab on your dialer

3.        Change the connection method for each collector.  



4.       Change the sip password to a new numeric password e.g. from 1234 to 8243


5.       Write the red blue and green information down for each agent and go to each of their computers. (iI won’t be colored on the actual dialer.

6.       Then open X-Lite phone on the computer and click on Softphone then Accounts settings.


a.       SIP4


7.       Put the domain from the dialer in the domain on the X-Lite

8.       Put the password from the dialer in password on the X-Lite

9.       Put the Display Name from the dialer in the Account Name, User ID, Display Name, and Authroization name in X-Lite.

10.  Have the agent log out and back in and now they should be ready to go. Click on the campaign and answer the phone .



Also. you may need to change the preferances on X-Lite to the headset you are using.


a.       Just go to softphone

b.      Preferences

c.       Devices and change to your headset there. (if needed.)

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