Settings Tab


These settings are for Each Individual Agent and must be set or changed on each agents login.

  • 1) This is where you can change your password for your login.
  • 2) This is where you can set your dialer to your Time Zone.
  • 3) Choose the music you listen to while on dialer.
  • 4) Change the order your informaiton pops up to you on contact view tab.
  • 5) This is the Name and Phone number that shows up on the caller ID of the person called when you make a outbound manual call.
  • 6) This is where you can change the connection setting to sip phone, astrisks string or google talk.
  1. 7) After you set your connection you can test it.
  2. 8) If you want to set up Google talk you can configure here.
  3. 9) This is the place to add a premade message to play for VoiceMails and Answering Machines.
  4. 10) You can set the pop  up script for the agent Here.
  5. 11) You can make a premade email template for your agent to send.  You can merge the contact info with a letter you create.
  6. 12) Adding an entry into the phonebook allows agents to quickly transfer or 3-way conference commonly used numbers using a single click during a call. Phonebook entries can be added for either a standard telephone number (PSTN) or to a VoIP Address (SIP Address) using the add entry button above. SIP Addresses should be entered into the format @: (ex. Phonebooks are unique PER user. Clicking the EYE icon will toggle the entries visibility in the Contact View menu.


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