What is the Cost of Predictive Dialer?

Agent-based Predictive Dialing

All plans, unless otherwise stated, are month to month with no long-term contract. Additional discounts are available for contracted services upon request.

To cancel a subscription E-Mail us written notice of cancelation.

Unlimited Plan - $150 month/agent (US & Canada Calling) no contract.
Unlimited Plan - $125 month/agent (US & Canada Calling) 6 month contract.
Unlimited Plan - $100 month/agent (US & Canada Calling) 12 month contract.

Call for pricing for over 30 seats.

Support @ $30/hour beyond complementary 30 minute setup session

At this time we a have FREE trial period.
Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface.

Trials - Only one trial per company

Free - Predictive Trial 5 seat unlimited (US/Canada)
$60.00 - 2 Week Predictive Trial 5 seats unlimited cent/minute(US/Canada)
$25 First Month per Seat unlimited cent/minute(US/Canada

To cancel a subscription Please create a support ticket with a 10 day notice of cancelation.

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