What Dialer Should I Use?

With T-Max Your Company has a wide variety of dialers at your disposal. With your predictive dialer (Great for Collections and Sales) you can have your agents on the phone with a live contact every 5-20 seconds using a much more efficient dialing method than other dialers widely used.

With the Voice Broadcast (Great for Spa, Doctors, and appointment Reminders) you can dial a large volume of accounts very shortly producing large amounts of call backs and transferred calls. The Voice Broadcast is also (Great for Schools and Emergency Notice) you can warn of closings and new events. With the inbound blend you can have all your agents logged into Predictive Dialer taking all calls from the Voice Broadcast Dialer, letters, e-mails, and any other communications you sent.

With the Live Contact Web Form you can have your dialer immediately call anyone on your web site that fills out the form after pushing the send button. Our Dialers will make your 5-10 agent operation perform like a 20-40 agent operation for a fraction of the cost of hiring all those extra agents.
Agent Monitoring/Agent Coaching/Agent Ease Dropping
Live Transfer/3-Way Calling
Send a Instant Fax
Send a Instant E-Mail
Adjustable Caller ID Phone Number/Company Name
Inbound/Outbound Blend
Agent Payment/Settlement Calculators
One click Premade V-Mail messages (Custom for each Agent)
Custom Agent Scripts
Custom Dispositions
Custom Data Fields
Call Recording
Dial in/sip phone/asterisks pbx/Google talk compatible
Real Time Admin dial rate control
Agent and Dialer reports
Dialing Campaign Strategies Consultations

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