Set up Sip Phone with Zoiper Communicator.

Go to each agent's computer and login to dialer as agent.  Go to the settings tab.  at the bottom left is the SIP information for the Zoiper phone.

For windows go to and download the phone.

After down load is done open the Zoiper Communicator and be sure to allow windows to access.

  1. 1. Account Type = SIP
  2. 2. Use the info from Tmax Dialer at the bottom left of the settings tab as the SIP Credentials
  3.       Display Name/Auth User Name/Username = user / user@host
  4.       Password = Password
  5.       Domain = Domain / Outbound proxy
  6. 3. Then CHECK the SKIP AUTO-DETECTION box. click next, next and close
  7. 4. You may need to Restart the computer and it should be good to go.

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