How do I configure an http get command or create a post url?

Log in as Admin.

Go to the Admin Tab.

Click on the Edit Properties (pencil icon) for each agent you wish to configure.

Put URL or get command in the box labeled Post URL:  You can use #{database_field_label} to insert the information from your database field into the URL string or get command.

Example String:{AccountNumber}  <---- AccountNumber is the name of the field in the CSV File, and this will pull whatever account number listed in the file for the client. 

Example Output:                   <---- This is what would be displayed in your Browser URL box. Notice the 1234, that is the example account number pulled from the field.


Have the agent logout and log back in.

Now when your agent presses the Post URL button on the contact view tab it is the little blue page looking button, it will Post the URL or run the get command.

To see a list of names of database fields go to the admin tab and go to the Setup Database Fields link on the bottom right.


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