I am having trouble with Ports, Firewalls, and Proxy Services.

To connect with the dialer, computers need outbound access to the following TCP ports 80, 4000, 843, 61613 and 61614. If users will be connecting with a SIP soft phone make sure port 5060 is open, all UDP ports must be unblocked. Users are recommended to use a uPnP router with a solid always-on internet connection. Latency of under 100 milliseconds to the nearest T-Max server is ideal. Up to 200kbps of bandwidth per agent with near zero jitter is required. To find the IP address for you server you can go to the Settings Tab on the dialer and go to the lower left box it will read Domain:.xxx.x.x.x.xx  that is the IP http://tmaxdialer.com/bill/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=61

Make sure all firewalls are allowing your programs through.  You may need to make exceptions, or remove your antivirus and malware software.

If you can register and use a sip phone on a different network or after turning off the firewall, proxy server, and/or antivirus/malware software the issue is in your network.

We do not provide support for these types of connection issues due to them not being on our end.

If you are having troubles getting ZoiPer or X-Lite to connect to the dialer, Run and Install this tool and perform a scan to remove Malicious software running on your PC that could be keeping it from connecting.


McAfee Products Removal Tool
Run this tool to remove the McAfee trial that is keeping your firewall from functioning properly.


Norton Products Removal Tool
Run this tool to remove the McAfee trial that is keeping your firewall from functioning properly.




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