Does your loan company spend all day trying to call people to remind them they need to pay their account or are past due? Our Payday Loan and Pawn Shops Dialer can and will cut that time into less than five minutes. Our system is the easiest to use on the market with little need for any technical back ground. All that is needed is to sign up for a free trial and one of our experienced technicians will contact your office to get you set up and going quickly. If you are looking for a way to reduce your accounts receivable and collect more revenue in a more efficient manor the our voice broadcast Payday Loan and Pawn Shops Dialer ¬†will save you 1000’s of hours of unnecessary phone work.

Everything is completely hosted so no need for expensive equipment or a degree to understand it.

If you are looking for a dialer that is compatible with your payday loan software, mortgage software, rent to own software, installment loan software or pawn shop software then you came to the right place. Our software will work with infinityels, PowerCheck, AutoPal, ECashSoftware, Cashtrax, QuickDrawSoftware, Introxl, ECheckTrac, Quick Books, Nortridge, fssusa, RentalTrax, PawnMaster and any other software able to exprort a CSV file. Just export the clients that aren’t paying you or need a reminder and press play on our Payday Loan and Pawn Shops Dialer.

Simple to Use Dialer
Easy to get started and deploy, simply upload your contact file, record a message and press play.
Constant Updates
Receive updates with new features and options to stay up to date with the latest trends in voice broadcast & predictive dialing.
T-max has 3 different Dialers to choose from: Predictive Dialer, Voice Broadcast Dialer, Inbound/Outbound Blend. Which is Hassle free, super flexible and fully customizable.
Lots of Features
Custom Caller ID, Agent Scripts, Dispositions, Data Fields, Call Recording, Agent and Dialer reports, Inbound/Outbound Blend and more.
Powerful Backend
Create fast and easy dialing campaigns with powerful adjustable options. Absolutely no coding required.
Customer Support
If you ever need help, we will be there for you. We offer Phone Support, Live Chat, Email and an online Knowledgebase.

4.8 average review
T-Max Dialer
Date Published: 04/12/2014
T-Max Dialer Services
4.8 / 5 stars