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Add inbound blend to Predictive Dialer for only $30/mo.

Our Dialer system can be use with any CRM or Collection Software and we can have you setup instantly.  If you need help in determining how our dialer is used with your software just give us a call so one of our experts can show you step by step how to use it.

Voice Broadcasting:

This dialer is for messaging. Load your phone numbers you want called. Create a press 1 broadcast message for live answers that transfers to your company phone. Create a press 2 do not call list. Create a voice mail message to call back your company. Press play and enjoy.

What does Voice Broadcast Cost?

(Press 1, Voice Blast, and RoboCalling)*

$100.00 – 4,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada)
$250.00 – 10,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada)
$500.00 – 20,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada)
$1000 – 40,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada)
Over 100,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes please contact our office for rates.

(all minutes are billed in 6 second increments)

Do you spend over $1000/day in Voice Broadcasting? Contact sales for an incredible offer

Agents just answer their phones
Adjust the Speed Manually: 300 to 2,500 calls per hour, per campaign
Unlimited number of simultaneous campaigns
Customizable Caller ID Automatically stops, starts and adjusts dial rate
Calls transfer to agent if person called presses 1 form message
Voice mails can have a message automatically played
Pay as you go (Prepay) 2.5 cents per minute billed in 6 sec intervals




Predictive Dialer:

This dialer is a Live Contact Dialer. It attempts to make sure every person called is connected to your live agents. Gets rid of busy signals, disconnected numbers and all the ring time. Has the ability to keep your agents on the phone with someone within 20 seconds. It’s like “manually dialing on steroids.”

What does Predictive Dialer Cost?

Unlimited Plan – $150 month/agent (US & Canada Calling) Month to Month.
Unlimited Plan – $125 month/agent (US & Canada Calling) with 6 month agreement.
Unlimited Plan – $100 month/agent (US & Canada Calling) with 12 month agreement.
(all plans are paid for monthly)

Bring us your CURRENT dialer company bill and let us try to match or beat their rate.

Call for pricing for over 30 seats.

Support @ $30/hour beyond complementary 30 minute setup session

Agents login to a website Makes 1-5 calls per agent
Instant screen pop up with callers account details
Automatically Stops, Starts and adjusts speed for Agents
Unlimited Usage
All calls are connected to agent (no message to press 1)
Unlimited number of simultaneous campaigns
Customizable Caller ID Unlimited usage for $100 – $150 per agent per month (based on length of commitment)