Admin Tab

1) Edit Properties - Allows you to edit Passwords, Names, Emails, Give Tabs and Special Admin Permissions for each agent/seat.

2) Edit connection Method - Change how your agent connects to the Dialer.

3) Permanently Delete - Deletes agent/seat, if deleted you will have to call us to re activate.

4) List of resent calls agent manually made

5) Set up a Pop up script for each agent

6) Create a quick phone list for each agent to transferring calls to a phone number or sip connection.

7) When agent records calls this is where they are stored.

8) Setup Database Fields - These are the fields that pop up with all the contact information when a call is connected with your agents.

9) Configure Cusom Dispositions - Lets you create or add new dispositions for the agent to use

10) Reoport on all agents productivity.

11) Add a phone number to your dialer so you can receive inbound calls on your campaigns.

12) Make a do not call list or add to it.


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