I am having trouble uploading my Contacts File. .CSV Formatting Guidelines, Phone Database Fields Names, Database fields limit, .CSV file errors, Contacts are not loading up

I am having trouble uploading my Contacts File

1. If you are using Chrome swtich to a different browser like FireFox or Internet Explorer.
2. Be sure to read the check boxes and make sure that you are not checking a box that would cause the data to not upload. 

.CSV Formatting Guidelines:
Contacts need to be in a .csv ms-dos format. Our systems do not support other types of contact files. We recommend using Excel to save the contact file as a .csv file. DO NOT use google chrome when uploading, you may only get part of your list to show up, or may be missing feilds from the list or you may not get any information to upload.

Phone Database Fields Names:
Please insure that you have the word "Phone1, Phone2, Phone3, Phone4, Phone5, Phone6, Phone7, Phone8, and Phone9" for the name of the database field that contains phone numbers. This is very important. Please do not use PHONE or any other variant. It is required to be Phone and specifying this with other capitalizations, spaces, or abbreviations or any other variable will lead to upload errors.
Database fields limit:
You should limit the number of fields in your contact list to 15 or less. Having too many fields can cause upload issues.
.CSV file errors:
Additionally, make sure that your file does not contain any ANSI characters such as those from different languages or quotation/punctuation marks which can also be problematic.
Contacts are not loading up:
Create a brand new campaign and load up the list by clicking on the small excel spreadsheet button (upload contacts icon). Make sure you are only checking boxes "Prevent duplicate phone number is file" and "I am allowed to call these contacts". Then click upload. Normally the accounts will appear in the campaign within a few moments. Occationally they will take a little longer, this sometimes will happen if there is a high volume of server activity. If they do not appear within 20 minutes, please call the office so we can check the upload process and your CSV file. DO NOT load another list if you have already clicked upload, it may cause an error on the server.

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