Play Msg - Play Pre-Recorded Message.

How do I add/assign sound files for use with the Play Msg. button? The message "No Sound Files Defined" appears when the button is pressed. I added a message (sound file) in the SETTINGS TAB but I am unsure how to assign it to a agent. I noticed a sound file icon in the ADMIN tab next to each agent which reads "Recordings - Direct Calls Only". When this icon is pressed a new browser page opens that reads "User Recordings" on the top left & the rest of the page is blank. Thank you in advance for your help getting this setup.

Each agent needs their own individual uploaded recording this can be a recording for each collector giving their individual name and extension. Next using your admin dialer login you will need to adjust each agents edit properties button it is the pencil in the admin tab area. You will then need to check the box for each agent that says enable edit settings. Once checked you can log in to each agents dialer using their password and email address and go to their settings tab and upload the wave file. Most Administrators will uncheck that button when finished to take the permission away from the agent so the agent can’t make their own message and upload whatever they want.



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