What Does a Voice Broadcast Dialer Cost or Price?

Voice Broadcasting (Press 1, Voice Blast, and RoboCalling)*

2.5 cents a minute

$52.00        -     2,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada)
$100.00      -     4,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada)
$250.00      -   10,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada)
$500.00      -   20,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada) 
$1,000.00   -   40,000 Voice Broadcasting Minutes @ $0.025/minute (US/Canada)

Do you spend over $1000/day in Voice Broadcasting? Contact sales for an incredible offer.

* Certain forms of Voice Broadcasting might be illegal in your area. Please consult a lawyer before purchasing our services. *

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