What does a Voice Broadcast do how does it work?

The T-Max Voice Broadcast is great for appointment reminders for doctors, spas and other offices as well as political campaigns and charities. This dialer is perfect for anyone wanting to leave premade information with the party that answers the phone or on answering machines. It will also allow the consumer to have the option of pressing a number to speak with your company if they wish. This dialer is great at leaving mass messages and information while generating some live contacts.

Why T-Max?

For any business, in any industry, looking for a multiple campaign call platform, using Web-based Voice Broadcast system provides a powerful platform to generate thousands of calls to clients and customers or create customizable messages to be delivered to specific individuals. In addition, a successful voice broadcast system can help your organization increase sales leads and revenue, reduce infrastructure costs, reduce agents hand dialing and drive in new business.

The Voice Broadcast was an industry standard for Collections and Sales for many years, due to the fact that there wasn’t a hosted solution for the predictive dialer. The Predictive Dialers where hardware driven and where very expensive, with our hosted solution we find company after company adding the Predictive Dialer to their arsenal of tools and leaving there competitors in the dust with unbelievable increases in sales, collections and closed calls. Don't get out preformed by a company 4-5 times smaller than yours simply because your company won’t embrace the new standard in dialers.
Voice Broadcast
 Live Party Transfer / Pess 1 / Mass Messages
It’s your dialer build it how you want. Compared to other dialer systems, our system is absolutely user controlled. You can upload voice recordings, control your contacts, play, pause and stop campaigns all from our simple web based dashboard. Every client is given their own username and password. Managers can control the system and have many custom options.

Adjustable Caller ID: Our Clients have complete control of the outbound Caller ID (phone number & name) being displayed to contacts during the Voice Broadcast. This feature is adjustable in real-time. Note: certain carriers will not accept the displayed caller id name (phone numbers are usually OK) and T-Max cannot guarantee the actual information that will be shown on the caller ID, however all of our Telco providers are premium carriers with full CLI support.

Modifiable Transfer & Backup Numbers: Each Voice Broadcasting Campaign can have a unique transfer number, for more accurate call logs, reports and stats. Using a second phone number ensures your receive every call, even when the first phone number is being used or busy.

AMD Answering Machine Detection: AMD is 90% accurate and will ensure your custom message is played to live contacts not answering machines. When AMD is impleminted it can save you 30-50% on your phone charges.

Telephone Key Controlled: Decide what telephone keys the party called presses on the phone keypad button (0-9, * or #) to activate an action you determine. e.g.: Transfer to a Representative, leave a message, or request to be put on a do not call list.

EZ Billing w/Call Detailed Records (CDR): Billing is in 6 seconds increments and is easy to read and understand. No hidden fees and rounded minutes. You only pay for what you use.

Voicemail Message Drop: Decide to leave a message, don’t leave a message, or leave a custom message on answering machines.

*Certain forms of voice broadcasting might be illegal in your area. Please consult an lawyer before purchasing our services.

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