My x-lite ( xlite ), zoiper, sip phone wont ring.

Make sure all fire walls are allowing your programs through. You may need to make exceptions, or remove your antivirus and malware software.

If you are using a single agent on multiple computers with the same zoiper or xlite settings you may run into a conflict.  To help correct this, change the password on the zoiper or xlite.  Then change the password on the dialer - log in as the agent - go to settings tab - go to change voice connections settings - change password and save - restart computer and see if this fixes the issue.

To connect with the dialer, computers need outbound access to the following TCP ports 80, 4000, 843 and 61613. If users will be connecting with a SIP soft phone, all UDP ports must be unblocked. Users are recommended to use a uPnP router with a solid always-on internet connection. Latency of fewer then 100 milliseconds to the nearest T-Max server is ideal. Up to 200kbps of bandwidth per agent with near zero jitter is required.

On the Zoiper phone if this was a new install, you may want to go to SETTINGS, PREFERENCES, THEN REMOVE ACCOUNT.....then click CREATE ACCOUNT, SIP, NEXT, then CHECK the SKIP AUTO-DETECTION box.\

We do have a solution! We have created our own T-Max Phone. Please refer to "How do I configure/setup T-Max SIP Softphone (TMaxSIP) for the Predictive Dialer."

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