How do I configure / Setup T-Max SIP Softphone (TMaxSIP) for the Predictive Dialer? DEPRECIATED

When you get T-Max SIP installed and you're ready to get it configured. Please follow the steps below to configure your Softphone. Make sure you are logged into the dialer before proceeding.

#1 Open the main window of T-Max SIP. Click on Menu > Add account...

Main window

#2 Once you have the next window up, please fill out the following information. This information is located on the Settings tab on the Predictive Dialer in the Voice Connection category.


#3 Once you have saved the settings you can click on the logo of the softphone to login to the Predictive Dialer.

Then go to the SETTINGS TAB on the PREDICTIVE DIALER and click the link on the screen labeled Test SIP Phone Registration & Setup to test your settings (located to the right of the SIP settings on the dialer).


#5 Just follow the prompts and choose any key on the T-Max SIP keypad to have your test message played back to you.

Main window 

#6 If you didnt hear any prompts click on Menu > Settings on the T-Max Sip main window and follow these steps.


#7 To test that your settings are working correctly, please go back to #3 and repeat the steps.

You should be all configured and ready to dial at this point. If you are still having issues please contact our office and we'll assist you with the problem.

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