Simple to Use
Easy to get started and deploy, simply upload your contact file, record a message and press play.
Constant Updates
Receive updates with new features and options to stay up to date with the latest trends in voice broadcast & predictive dialing.
Many dialer options Predictive Dialer, Voice Broadcast Dialer, Inbound/Outbound Blend. Hassle free, super flexible and fully customizable.
Customizable Features Include:
Caller ID, Agent Scripts, Dispositions, Data Fields, Call Recording, Agent and Dialer reports, Inbound/Outbound Blend and more.
Powerful Backend
Create fast and easy dialing campaigns with powerful adjustable options. Absolutely no coding required.
Customer Support
If you ever need help, we will be there for you. We offer Phone Support, Live Chat, Email and an online Knowledgebase.

T-max Dialer is a leader in the dialer service industry. Our team of hand picked experienced support and technical advisers, will make your job easy.

Choice of Dialers

Predictive, Voice Broadcast & Inbound Blend
Hosted Auto Dialers, Predictive Dialers & Voice Broadcast
Predictive Dialer Great for sales and collections by allowing every live party that answers the phone to be connected to your representative. This generates a massive amount of live contacts. The Predictive Hosted Auto Dialer is like manually dialing on steroids.
Voice Broadcast: The T-Max Voice Broadcast Hosted Auto Dialer is great for appointment reminders for doctors, spas and other offices, as well as political campaigns and charities. This dialer is perfect for anyone wanting to quickly leave pre-recorded info on a massive number of voicemails or contacts



More than just words

Let our clients convince you
Easy to use
Web-Based/Hosted Auto Dialer
Live Transfer
Send an Instant E-Mail
sip phone/asterisks pbx/Google talk compatible
Dedicated support & community
Call multiple phone numbers per contact
Agent Coaching
3-Way Calling
Adjustable Caller ID Phone Number
Real Time Admin dial rate control
Salesforce dialer integration
Agent Monitoring
Agent Eavesdropping
Send an Instant Fax
Inbound/Outbound Blend
Agent and Dialer reports
Dialing Campaign Strategies Consultations

T-Max can provide your company with a several different dialer systems. We have two dialers thatare both compatible with many collections agency software’s such as Collections Max ( CollectionsMax ), Collect ( Collect! ), Debt Net ( Debt$Net ), Simplicity, ICEware, Beam and 99% of the collection software on the market today. The Predictive Dialer system is excelent for collections and sales. Your agents can connect with a live contact every 5-20 seconds, using a much more efficient dialing method than other dialer systems widely used. Our dialer system will make your 5-5 agent operation perform like a 10-20 agent operation for a much smaller cost then hiring more staff. You can dial a massive amount of phone contacts in a minimal amount of time producing large amounts of call backs and transferred calls. The Voice Broadcast is great for emergency alert messages, such as school closings or new events. With the Inbound Blend dialer system, you can have all your agents using the Predictive Dialer system and still receiving all calls from the Voice Broadcast Dialer, letters, emails, and any other communications, at the same time. If you are a sales company looking for a web based dialer system that is compatible with Bitrix 24 CRM then you have come to the right dialer service.