Don’t want to call cell phones….No Problem.

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As compliance has become a huge topic for the past several years, T-MAX clients can rest easy in the that they will be utilizing the best compliance tools in the industry. T-MAX utilizes a robust two-stage security in filtering cell phones and letting our clients take the proper action with numbers that are cell phones with filtering using Block Filter and Port Filter.  This service is integrated into our dialing platforms and can be activated for Free by contacting our office.

Block Filter
T-MAX is now allowing our clients a FREE Cell phone scrub and filtering using a block assignments of phone numbers. A block of numbers is the sequence of phone number prefixes that are allocated to the wireless carriers.

Port Filter
T-MAX has also improved the Block Filter with the Port Filter. This is the filtering of specific phone numbers that have recently been changed (ported) by the customer from a home phone (land phone) to a mobile phone (cell phone). this means we can properly identify specific phone numbers that started as a landline and has recently been changed to a cell phone.

T-MAX regularly updates our databases of Ported Telephone Numbers.