Mobile Cell Phone Scrub Filter


As TCPA compliance has become huge topic for the past several years, T-MAX DIALER & COMMUNICATIONS LLC clients can rest easy in that they will be utilizing the best TCPA compliance tools in the industry. The T-Max Mobile Cell Phone Scrub Filter utilizes a robust two stage security check for filtering cell phones and letting our clients filter those cell phones by using Block Filter and Port Filter

Block Filter

T-MAX DIALER & COMMUNICATIONS LLC is now allowing our clients a FREE Cell phone scrub and filtering using a block assignments of phone numbers. A block of numbers is the sequence of phone number prefixes that are allocated to the wireless carriers.

Port Filter

T-MAX DIALER & COMMUNICATIONS LLC has also improved the Block Filter with the Port Filter. This is the filtering of specific phone numbers that have recently been changed (ported) by the customer from a home phone (land phone) to a mobile phone (cell phone). this means, we can properly identify specific phone numbers that started as a landline and has recently been changed to a cell phone.

T-MAX DIALER & COMMUNICATIONS LLC regularly updates our databases of Ported Telephone Numbers.


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