What Collection Agency Software should you use?

When shopping for Collection Agency Software it is important to find out what Dialer Systems are compatible with your Collection Software. Lucky for you our Dialer System is compatible with any Software capable of exporting a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. We have two dialers thatare both compatible with many collections agency software’s such as Collections Max ( CollectionsMax ), Collect ( Collect! ), CollectOne, totality, Lariat,EZ Soft, eCollections, CollectPlus, Impact, Debt Net ( Debt$Net ), Simplicity, ICEware, Beam Windebt, and 99% of the collection software on the market today. If you are not sure if your software is capable of this type of export, call your software provider and tell you are going to go with The T-Max Dialer and have them contact us to create an easy export template for you. Any collection software company should be willing to this as the process is very easy. If a Collection Agency Software company is not willing to go through this basic setup, this could be a indication that their company will probably be difficult to work with on other services, vendors and applications you will need to operate your agency.

Our dialer company will work with any size agency and with just about any budget. Our founders have been in the collection industry for decades and understand the needs and wants of the collection agency. Our dialer is very easy to deploy as it is Completely Hosted and customizable to fit your collection agencies exact needs.  Our team can have you up and running in as little as 30 minutes for the predicted dialer and instantly with the voice broadcast dialer. Our world class support cant be beat and is there to help you every step of the way.  T-Max has reshaped the way the collection industry does business by proving all agencies with a top rated platform for any size collection agency.  If you have any questions about Dialers or Collections Strategies call T-Max Dialer today.